Dr. Sheldon Salaba graduated with distinction from Indiana University School of Optometry in 2001.  He returned to his home province of Saskatchewan to practice for one year before moving to Ontario in 2002.

Dr. Salaba worked in the communities of Cambridge, Woodstock, Burlington, Ancaster and Brantford. In 2005, he opened Advanced Vision Eyewear Boutique. Over the years, Dr. Salaba’s practice has evolved to care for all age groups. Over half of the patients he examines are children, with an emphasis to see infants by 6 months of age and toddlers by the age of 3. He possesses a strong medical background and treats conditions including glaucoma, iritis, eye infections, diabetes, and macular degeneration.  He continually invests in current technology to help diagnose and treat these patients in a precise and comfortable environment.

Dr. Salaba’s other passion is eyewear fashion. It has always been his desire to work with frames that make people look amazing by highlighting their best features. He meticulously selects every frame in the boutique and travels to purchase exclusive, handmade European-manufactured products.  He trains his assistants to understand how to select glasses for people, considering the right size for their face, frame shapes and colours that complement their features, and something that is functional for their needs.  He understands comfort is paramount, but fashion is JUST as important. 

Dr. Salaba imparts a similar passion towards contact lenses.  His goal is for people to be comfortable wearing contacts and see perfectly with them.  He loves a challenge, and regularly solves problems that have made patients struggle with contacts in the past.  He successfully fits all types of contacts, including bifocals.

Dr. Salaba became active within the Ontario Association of Optometrists in 2006 and joined the Board of Directors in 2007.   He became the Education Lead for the organization in 2008, followed by Vice President in 2009 and President in 2011.

During his time with the association, he spearheaded the development of the Eye See Eye Learn program.  The pilot launched in the Hamilton Wentworth Public and Catholic school boards in the fall of 2009.  This program was designed to encourage parents to have their children’s eyes examined before starting school to demonstrate the link of good vision being necessary to learn well in school.  The program provided free eyeglasses to any children that required them.  In 2011, the ESEL program received provincial funding to expand to all JK children across the province.  Once complete in 2016, the program will be eligible to 125,000 students across the province.

Dr. Salaba enjoys spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Jack and Kate.  In his off time, you’ll find him travelling, admiring architecture and design, gardening and cooking.